Vexin Record Artists

Muller and Patton

Jaye Muller was born in Berlin, East Germany, and moved to Paris, France, where he recorded the hit album "We Are The Majority" as "J." He then moved to New York to create the follow-up album but got sidetracked with creating an internet company (j2) instead...
Now living in London he is concentrating on songwriting again, crafting timeless melodies and sophisticated chord changes.

Vermont-born Ben Patton recorded ten home-made albums before he was out of his teens. These won him a loyal following around New England, even before his first official release, "Here's the Good News Album" in 2004. He promoted it in America, Europe and Asia, and quickly followed it up with the acclaimed album "Because the Heart".

Onorina is German born London resident Onorina Brockl. Since she can remember, Onorina loves to sing. Her first commercially available track is available on Vexin Records, called "Deeper Than The Deep Blue Sea". Onorina still goes to college and besides singing is working to finish her A levels. She's also a member of a choir in London.
Alexander Schottky
Since 1978 Alexander Schottky has been working as an actor. The nine-year-old budding actor gathered his first experience in an open-air theatre in Heidenheim on the river Brenz.
In 1989 he began his studies at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen after being chosen from more than 1300 applicants for the new study course “Musical”.
Since 1992 he has been working as a freelance actor and has been involved in numerous musical, theater, film and television productions.
For 8 years he has played Dr Pfund in the television series “Nikola”.